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Anne Lombard


«Creativity without strategy , it's called Art. Creativity with strategy, it's called advertising.»
Jef Richards, 1955, lawyer and professor of American advertising

Some people say that communication is like selling wind, but we also say that the mill need wind in order to work. That's why I decided to go to Paris in order to be in the thick of the action, in the heart of economy and communication. Indeed, I left Reunion Island where I grew up in 2007 to settle down in the French city that never sleeps and started my studies.

After 6 years, my efforts were awarded by a Master in communication from EFAP Paris, Private school of communications.
During my studies in Paris, I had the opportunity to be part of many different companies like Parnasse, Crédit Agricole, Nestlé, Budget & Economy Minister… but they were all characterized by strong ethic and values that i shared : proximity, simplicity, transparency, modernity and dynamism.
Whether in politic institution, the food industry, telecommunications, press, banking or advertising agencies , I have been able to offer the company my experience and skills as well as to receive much more in return : professional & human knowledge.

Today, I'm ready to continue my adventure in Canada and give everything to improve myself. I hope to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to practice my profession in in a company that will provide me with new horizons and allow me to go further and deeper into discovering myself while establishing a lasting and trustful relationship.

About Me?

«You must travel to rub and grind your brain against those of others.» - Montaigne

Well, I am a lucky person. When I was young, my parents gave me the opportunity to travel a lot around the world (Asia, Russia, Europe, UK, Scotland, U.S., India etc..). Every trip was a new discovery with new cultures, traditions and I could open my mind.

Thanks to this, I continue to travel, discover new landscapes and meet people to progess with the idea : Take the time to do things for no regrets and be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished. Finally, simple things are the best !

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