Anne-Maree Gigli

I was born in Sydney moved to Toowoomba in the mid 1960's.Was taught to read tealeaves at age 14 and practiced natural magic and Irish Catholicism. Trained to be a professional puppeteer in my early 20's.Worked as a professional puppeteer for Arts Council Qld and The Puppet People and did Cabaret work in various theatres.Went to USQ and majored in Sculpture then studied to be a secondary teacher in Visual Arts and Drama.Worked for a few years as a teacher and left disheartened with an unenlightened education system.All through these years I did tealeaf and clairvoyant readings for people.I did my readings at art markets,body,mind and spirit festivals and the odd psychic expo.These engagements gave me valuable experiences and put me in the path of my own reading business Radiant Readings.I believe in universal truth and the play of karma in one's life and bringing light to people who seek better understanding of their life's path.Practising tealeaf reading and tarot assists me in divining the truth for the person who seeks it. I feel like I shine a light for people who are grasping in the dark.This is my truth and hopefully will be my life's duty to those who need my help.I hope to make a living from my readings one day.It's early days at the moment so I have to be patient with small steps.