Annemarie Milisen

Denver, Colorado

Neurochemical Nutrition Expert. Some career highlights include:

Founder of Perfect Brilliance, 'Smart Nutrition for Really Smart People'

Developer of the 'Neuronal Coaching Method'

Original designer and developer of 'The Healthy Meal Wheel' and other graphical nutrition education tools.

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified AADP

Member: International Association of Health Coaches

I specialize in Performance Nutrition Coaching, Nutritional Neuroscience, and Solution Focused Coaching. Companies & individuals that I work with are smart, curious, and dig the rapid and long lasting results they experience as a result of the coaching and support provided.

Typical results that clients experience:

Freedom from cravings (sugar, caffeine, nicotine, bread...)

Wake up with ease, no more slapping the 'snooze' button

Steady focus and improved ability to remember