Anne-Marie Piddington McCormack

Orlando Florida

I have been a professional psychic reader since 1982. I’m from a long line of psychics and I was born this way. I have been featured in the popular press, regular radio, TV and I was a host of an internet radio show for a while. I’ve also appeared before large audiences in the UK with my mother Mari’a. Our show was called, “An evening of clairvoyance”.

When I sit with you for your own personal reading, I tune into your energy field by creating a link and asking your permission to step inside. I'm stepping into your aura During this time we're sitting relaxed and we take 5 deep breaths a wonderful exchange of free flowing information takes place.

I won't know everything- just what your psyche allows me to see, sense, hear or feel. That's why it's so important when you have a reading- you sit with the psychic with an open mind. While I’m in your energy field, you might feel a healing or calmness come over you. Many people tell me they feel much better and calm. So, if you’re anxious or concerned in anyway, this will help you find that perfect balance within yourself. Then, you will instantly do what I call chill-ax (chill out and relax).

I can see, sense and hear information about you. I will not be able to see everything. You will allow me access to certain parts that you want me to see and that’s fine. What you want to keep private can stay private. If I get too close for comfort in any direction I can move on- or way from any area. All you have to do is ask.

I don't require any verbal information from you, just your open mind. Perhaps, a confirmation and or a smile to signal that we are indeed connected and we're accessing good information that is beneficial to you.

As the reading progresses your spirit guides and lost loved ones may talk to me. When they do, they tell me things about you- sometimes about emotions they’d like you to release. They may tell me about your stubbornness, or your devotion to others. They may offer their strength and wisdom to lend assistance in whatever way possible so you can grow through this lifetime a little easier. They tell me good news for you too and usually offer comfort and love.
When we start to look at your future, it’s important to remember, the future is not cast in stone. If I tell you something that I sense is coming your way and you don’t like the sound of it- change it! You always have complete control and free will in your life in all matters.

  • Work
    • Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher
  • Education
    • Spiritual Reverend, University of Metaphysics