Dr. Evers

Dr. Anne Marie Evers is a 'best-selling' author of many books on the power of Affirmations. She is also a Radio/Internet Talk Show Host; as well as Host of her own show, the Dr. Anne Marie Evers show; CEO of Affirmations International Publishing Company; Ordained Minister; Doctor of Divinity; Affirmation Coach; Columnist and much more. Her book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness and many other related books are featured on www.amazon.com (Affirmations).

She invtes you to visit her website www.annemarieevers.com and join up for her Free Daily Affirmations in your inbox. She answers numerous emails and leads the Nightly Affirmation Group Prayer every evening at 11:00 o'clock Pacific Standard Time and invites everyone to join in, in their minds, and do the Affirmation with her and her group.