AnneMarie Gilbert

Stanground, Peterborough

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I'm a simple girl - my family and friends mean a lot in my life and I enjoy spending time with them, laughing, loving and just being me. I am lucky enough to be doing my dream job - yes it's true! From my work experience whilst at school, I knew I wanted to be in the design and print industry. I feel fortunate that opportunities were presented to learn my trade, expand my knowledge and firm up my belief that I'm in this for the long term. The journey has taken me throughout the industry over the last 27 years and I have never been happier than owning my own Graphic Design business, Grafixbiz. It hasn't always been an easy journey, far from it, but I know that I wouldn't enjoy anything as much, or be able to give as much to anything else. I love to be around creative people, and also enjoy the practical, everyday lives that we all have in one way or another. People inspire and fasinate me, disappoint and baffle me but I couldn't exist in a world with out them.

I try to bake when time allows and love to create, experiment and cook to entertain people - I was born to be a home maker, and my home is important to me as a base, a grounding, and a sanctuary... Oh, and I love cats! I love all animals but I choose to share my home with cats - the indifferent, fickle creatures that they are.

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    • Prince William School