Anne-Marie Kovacs

digital marketing, Marketing professional, and Integrated Marketing in Chicago, Illinois

I’m experienced in the arts of both, traditional and digital marketing, a glorious combo that is most useful to deliver the brand strategies and tactics necessary in today’s marketplace. Think good ol’ traditional branding strategies and marketing plans buttressed by social marketing, content marketing, blogger outreach and ecommerce.

I must admit to an obsession with original ideas and consumer trends (newsletter junkie for all the trend newsletters). These inspire me as a strategic thinker to deliver innovative ideas though my practical side likes to support these with methodical reasoning.

Entrepreneurial by nature, the startup scene is my favorite. I know how to work my way around its marketing challenges and its budget constraints. It makes the wins all the more rewarding. Try me.

Qualifications include:

experience with startups formed ability to move horizontally and vertically within an organization and develop a strong understanding of the cross-functional aspects of a project: branding, positioning, designing, budgeting, product development, communication planning, measuring KPIs, analyzing data, competition and consumer insights, program development and execution, reporting.

my work in the digital sphere has provided me with experience in ecommerce, email marketing, SEO, analytics, user experience, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, blogger outreach.

among other related marketing “things” that I love doing and happen to be skilled at delivering: successful and engaging live events, developing lifestyle marketing strategies, generational marketing.

  • Education
    • McGill University