Anne McCrossan

London, UK

I'm interested in social business design, identity, cultural development and change management and I run

My focus is on helping organisations balance between for and beyond profit.

My areas of expertise are social organisation, social brand strategy, digital anthropology, sustainability and ethicality in business, identity art and data - exploring the neural pathways that wire the connection economy.

In July 2010 I gave a TEDx talk @TEDxPennQuarter Washington DC called 'Reinventing Organisation'. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 I produced the Social Charity study, in 2012 the first Connected Housing Study in the UK and In 2013 I produced the Social Food Study. The Connected Housing study is now in its second year.

I'm one of the original collaborators in the user-centric book on social business design by Alex Osterwalder, Business Model Generation, and in 2013 Seth Godin featured Visceral Business in his book, The Icarus Decption as well as Microsoft in the book Business Reimagined.

In 2013 I gave my second TEDx talk at TEDxBow, about the sinewy relationship we have with our environments.

Please feel free to connect if you feel like saying hello.