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Anne Grady

Round Rock, Texas

Anne Grady is the Founder and President of Acclivity Performance. For over fifteen years Anne has helped lead organizations and leverage the strengths of individuals and teams.

Anne holds a master’s degree in Organizational Communication and through her work with a diverse array of companies, not-for-profits, governmental agencies, and individuals, she has developed a unique ability to implement solutions for the real issues we face today.

But it is the candor with which she draws from her personal experiences, combined with her humor and wit that set Anne apart from the rest.

Anne plays many roles – daughter, professional, wife, volunteer, consultant, friend, leader. But it is her role as a mother to a wonderful, special needs child that has so fundamentally shaped her perspectives, her outlook, and her professional message.

As a nationally recognized speaker and consultant, Anne helps guide organizations toward changes that build teamwork, increase productivity and reduce stress.

The fact that Anne has leveraged the mantras she champions in her own personal life to work through the challenges she faces each day adds real-life perspective to her message.

Anne is an agent of change. She is passionate about providing practical tools and strategies that get results.

  • Education
    • M.A., Organizational Communication