Anne misty

My Sweet Little cousins call me " Maggie Mathini", my sister calls me "Anne" I'm known to everyone around me as "Anne Misty". I love learning & having two degrees BA in English literature & MBA in Finance (quite an odd combination huh). I love languages & I will murder any language in the process of learning it ( Currently learning Korean. Of course I have to mention I m a KPOP & KDrama addict.I am an ardent Lee minho fan.

I am a skinny girl who eats a lot and stay thin tats how i become a foodie. I'm fond of instant noodles. My favourite midnight munchies are any instant noodles tat will feed my craving.

My Blog name is I write blog post about food, Travel & fiction. I do have another blog in the process It's gonna cover my Likes, Hobbies etc etc...

I'm an anime addict. Here are the few of my favourite manga & anime list akame ga kill, Blue exorcist, Fairy Tail, God Eater,la corda d'oro primo passo, Bleach etc etc... the list will go on and on...ll never end