Anne M. Koehlinger

Chicago, IL

Anne M. Koehlinger has completed her high school studies at Illinois Virtual School, College Prep and plans to continue her education at a four-year university. After enrolling, she will pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies so that she can one day own and operate an upscale restaurant. Anne M. Koehlinger has always been fascinated by culinary arts, but became even more interested in owning her restaurant after a trip to Paris. The way Parisian culture revolves around food made a strong impression on Anne M. Koehlinger, and she hopes to build that same appreciation for food in the United States.

Anne M. Koehlinger is also an accomplished ballroom dancer. She has taken courses at Arthur Murray Dance School and even performed in two events in 2012: Chicago Medal Ball and Chicago Showcase Ball: Egyptian Nights.

  • Education
    • Illinois Virtual School, College Prep