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Anne Moellering

San Francisco, California

Anne Moellering is the ball of energy behind WaveWorks Coaching . She’s a CTI-certified professional coach with an MBA from Stanford and 20 years of experience in the consumer tech and start-up world of Silicon Valley.

She’s also a surfer, former goat herder, quasi-retired lacrosse player & once beat Tom Cruise in quarters. But that’s an entirely different story.

As a coach, Anne is rediculously passionate about helping make shift happen. Major shift. She coaches individuals looking for career fulfillment, advancement & increasing levels of leadership. She coaches business teams looking for peak performance + positive team dynamics.


For individuals:

Like most coaches, Anne works via phone in sessions of :30-45 minutes. You'll start by exploring your goals & core values with Anne. Then you'll build a plan, establish milestones & track together against a timeline designed to meet your unique objectives: whether your goal is to change jobs, find a more fulfilling career, get promoted, start your own business or confidently take the reigns after a new promotion.

For teams:

Anne helps teams achieve their highest possible levels of productivity and, even more importantly, positivity. Her work takes the form of 1:1 coaching, workshop & offsite facilitation, group coaching or all of the above.


As a business exec with 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley and an MBA from Stanford, Anne has helped build huge companies and tiny ones. She's managed big teams and small. She's worked in multiple industries and across different functions. But most importantly, she knows how to make, manage and coach change.

As a surfer, Anne helps her clients - both individuals and teams - find their optimal flow. Or "glide". In surfing, it's when you find that unique spot in the wave where you're optimally positioned for effortless motion. In life, it's when you're living & working in accordance with your unique values and strengths. In business, it's when your team is both performing & truly enjoying working together.


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    • Stanford Graduate School of Business
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