Anne M. Smollon

Life Coach, Writer, and Public Speaker in Venice, Florida

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Coach and hand up for moms feeling down, alone, overwhelmed, or lost. At In Mom's Corner, we share our lives and move courageously toward doing for ourselves in ways that make us feel energized, balanced, strong, confident, and happy at our core--because being a mom is only one piece, albeit a big piece, of our greater whole self.


Missing In Action: How Mothers Lose, Grieve, and Retrieve Their Sense of Self.

Your Way Back: A Course Designed to Help Moms Find, and Keep, the ME in Mommy (the MIA companion workbook).

Becoming Mom: 7 Ways to Keep Your Sense of Self as You Engage the Role of a Lifetime. Available soon at

With twenty years of motherhood under my belt, I know a few things for sure. Motherhood is wonderful and challenging, and we all need support and the "tools" to thrive in and beyond our role as mothers. Some of those tools include learning how to reframe negative self-talk and build strong boundaries. Apart from that, moms need to continuously fill the proverbial well so they don't hit burnout. Nothing does that better than pursuing a favorite hobby, interest, or ambition.

Helping moms create the lives they want, helping families stay together, tapping into my creative spirit, and pursuing my professional ambitions bring out the many shades of me....and it feels great. Add a little dark chocolate with almonds, a good movie, and a strong lock on the door and I've filled my well for weeks!

Bottom line kids "feed" off my energy and mood, so it serves me AND them when I take good care of my self. Learn how to take charge and feel your best. Subscribe to our newsletter at and become a part of our growing community of moms seeking to create and maintain better moods, more energy, greater confidence, happier relationships, and real balance. Join us today...because the truth is...when you feel good, everyone wins!