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Annette Burgess

Melaleuca Marketing ExecutiveMelaleuca is the world's leader in Green Products that are safer for your home and environment. With Melaleuca, customers simply switch stores – there is no 'new' money. Customers actually save money using our products. We offer five product lines for customers to choose from. Take the Melaleuca Challenge today – we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Life Insurance Professional 70-85% of the people in our community are either under-insured, or uninsured. Term Life Insurance is the least expensive way to cover your family. If you have life insurance – great! If not, I can help you obtain coverage as quickly as possible.

Founder, Conyers & Covington ConnectionsAs a resident of Conyers, there is a minimum of opportunities for business owners to connect in a professional environment in Conyers and Covington. C&CC will officially launch in Jan 2013 with an educational component.

Associations: ABWA, Sister's United