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Annette Tull

Student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I attend Central High School, the #1 Public School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: ROCK THE RED AND GOLD! My school’s goal is to prepare everyone of it’s students for college with it’s rigorous workload and as result we have the highest academic performance in Philadelphia within the Public School Dirstrict.

I am fully immersed in my school community, both academically and in clubs and groups.The extracurricular activities I partake in are being the treasurer of United PanAfrica Club and managing the Boy’s Varsity Football team for my school. I decided to be treasurer because I am good with budgeting. As for being football manager, I am a very organized person, so my job keep the team on track. I am also a member of the International Baccalaureate program which is a major achievement for me because of it’s academic benefits. I am taking college level classes that will alievate some of issues with adjusting to college cirriculum. For more information about International Bacalaureate Program, please visit their website at . Another school related program that I am in is called VIEW, Villanova’s Initiative for Engaging Women. I have been an active participant in that enichment program for two years.

When I'm off the academic clock, my interests condsit of reading, fashion, and writing. I love reading mysteries, suspense novel, and the classics like Catcher in the Rye,by J.D. Salibger. Along with reading, I found my passion for writing. Throughout school, writing was always an effortless skill. During my leisure time, I write poems or go to the library on a hunt for more books. I am quite passionate about fashion and shopping. Making endless outfit combinations from just a few pieces, is my expertise. I can spend hours looking at fashion blogs, magazines editorials and fashion shows for the newest trends and styles. Fashion is more than just clothing, it's an expressive art form. These three significant hobbies only make up a same amount of my character. The other part is what type of person I am. Regarding my work ethic in and out of school, I am devoted to all that I do and set goals to accomplish. On the contrary, I am still looking for ways to better myself everyday.