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annette brennan


As well as the box of tricks that a learning designer needs to do the job, I bring:

Creativity and energy - not words I throw around lightly. Everything I do (in work and life) I put my whole self into.

Common sense, practical approach - I'll wear the right colour hat at the right time!

informed decision-making - give me time to think:-0

Cool n calm on the outside - no freakin out, there's always a solution.

A sense of humour..and..patience, lots of it, an endless supply really!

See Linkedin for the specifics

When not at the desk, I'd love to carve out more time daily for this liddle list:

update the design of my page! Note to photographer husband to take a studio shot..

draw lots.. as in do more drawing:-)

upcycle and put a personal stamp on our home

paint a happy, bright tree on my son's wall

create a garden full of adventure where he could let his imagination run free..and enjoy watching his excitement and creativity unfolding

read more books - traditional page turning or ebooks

and..make picture books (the dream) - should be number 1 on the list!

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