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Hi there and welcome to my blog. My name is Annette and over the past few years i have grown a passion for interior design and how our living spaces can effect our wellbeing. My favourite mix of styles could be described as a mix of rough luxe, cosy comfort, nurturing, glam. At first glance these may seem at odds with eachother but I like to think that these styles compliment eachother and provide contrast with hard versus soft, matt and shiny, old and new.

To further enhance my knowledge I have recently completed an on-line interior design diploma which provided an invaluable insight into the history and complexity of interior design throughout the ages and which information I shall use initially to make changes to my own home and to start my blog as a place to record all my ideas and favourite styles.

My other passions are fitness and healthy living, fashion and style and music and I hope to pass on some nuggets of information and tips I have picked up along my journey of life

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