Annette Diana

My name is Annette Diana. I am a designer, art director, and photographer in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design. Problem solving is a way of life for me. A cross-disciplinary skill set, as well as a diligent work ethic and eagerness to learn, helps me bring a roundedness in concept and execution to each project. I bring creative solutions to real business needs. I believe in clear, concise communication, creative collaboration, and many other words that start with c. I also believe that if you’re not having fun, “yer doin’ it wrong!” I bring enthusiasm and energy to every project that I engage in because I truly love what I do. I have been dubbed “The Incredible Quotable Annette” — once you get to know me, you’ll see why. My passion and experiences extend into photography, typography, and user interface design. Wood working is pretty rad too. Also, I am an advocate of high-fives and Dr. Pepper.