Annette Dölle

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lately I'm discovering my talents all over again. It's miraculous. Enjoying the adventerious daily life! Filled with projects, writing, cups of coffee, teaching and training.

I am initiator of KeepItCleanDay, part of the WorldCleanUp. In 2012 we cleaned up the Netherlands from illegal waste. 120 municipalities all joined on one single day. Specialty: In the whole process of creating, we didn't use any money! Heartwarming commitment and sharing did the job!

At the moment I'm working on the Amsterdam version of Suspended Coffee. In Dutch called 'Uitgestelde Koffie'. Also without the use of money.

I'm focussing on creative ways to make organizations see change and development can be done in an easy and fun way. It can be joyfull!And. By the way. I'm writing a book. Entitled: Coloring outside the Lines. But it is in Dutch though.

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