Annette Fadness, MBA

What I Do: I help small business owners get the most out of their QuickBooks accounting software. I can fix virtually any QuickBooks problem. Contact me for QuickBooks training, and you'll see how easy using QuickBooks can be! (714) 469-9618.

Don't want to run QuickBooks yourself? I'll do your bookkeeping for you. I'm really good at it! I love getting your finances organized so you can focus on your business.

Who I Love: I adore my sons, Jordan and Matt. They keep me busy, and I love their keen senses of humor and how often we laugh together. They are handsome, smart, caring and funny -- everything a mom could ask for. I love my husband Rodger for his wry wit and his incredible courage and perseverence in the face of a very challenging medical issue.

How I Play: Chances are you've seen me riding my bike around Irvine. I bike every chance I can get, from a quick trip to the store, to an hour-long intense ride to clear my head. If I'm not working or biking, I'm probably enjoying a crochet project or curled up with a good mystery novel.