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Annette Gildshtein

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

An honest person, who is modest in their ways, and thinks humor is the most important ingredient - in anything and everything.

I am a curious cat whos satisfaction keeps bringing me back. My real passions are for discovery of all things. What lures me in most ,however, are creative projects and paths least traveled. I enjoy keeping up with new advertisement campaigns to see what the big think tanks are continuously turning out, yet I also really appreciate and love finding the small fish through social media who deserve the chance to be discovered and heard. One day I hope to be apart of this process whether it be discovering the talent that will one day be the new song everyone Shazams after seeing on TV or the one who help research target audiences and used best syntax to attract them.

New eats and culturally diverse flavors is also a high priority on my list.

  • Work
    • A full time scholar
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst