Annette G. Carter

New York, New York

Annette G. Carter is the Founder and CEO of Definition Mindset where she teaches entrepreneurs and business owners about "Creating Massive Takeovers for a Bigger Impact" done through personal success strategies and coaching, spiritual encounters and expansion, leadership education, communication, and resources, and active community involvement through charitable giving and encouragement.

Her company actively proclaims the power of Christ in creating impossible realities and helping people to make their dreams come true. She inspires others to realize their potential through the eyes of GOD and create vision, power, and purpose.

Annette G. Carter was born in Washington D.C. where she was premature and diagnose with Jaundice and was hospitalized. She was later on sexually abused and harrassed both in and out of school. During her childhood days while attending elementary school, she was hit by a car that had ran a stop sign but was found without injury, broken bone, and not even one scar.

She has overcome poverty, abuse, perversion, adultery, insanity, and different adversities yet she adamantly proclaims that she doesn't regret not ONE situation or circumstance that she has made nor does she believes in taking back mistakes.

She married at the age of 18 to Andrew Carter and dropped out of college in an effort to find a better way of living. Together the two of them have survived homelessness, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and separation.

Annette G. Carter started the "Billion Dollar Mindset" as a reflection of the resolution for the revolution of power, wealth, and success. It is creating the absolute mindset that is resolute on the foundation of faith, love, and peace. This is the power of the mind that is absolutely resolute.

Annette teaches that this mindset is how you can become purpose driven and how you can build a life and reputation of charitable giving while dedicating your time, effort, and energy to building up the desolated places that have become wastelands of poverty, sickness, and disease and these principles produce the fruit of love.

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