Roman Tapia


My name is Roman Annette Tapia, but you can call me Annette. I was born in the heart of Texas: Houston, Texas. Born in Texas, but raised in Georgia. I'm moving back to Georgia soon, stay tuned for that! Anyways I have 3 siblings that go by the name Tatianna, Karleen and Johanna then 2 other siblings from my stepmom, Malcolm and Grace. (White names, pssssh) My dad was just blessed with 4 little baby girls and 1 baby boy! :-) Yeah, so I always get asked what race I am, and I'm Mexican and Guatemalan. My mom is Guatemalan and my dad is a little Paisa! Unfortunately, my parents got divorced. But on the bright side I'm moving back in with my mom in Georgia soon! I'm 14 and blow out the candles on September 18th. I'm an ugly duckling, lol! My bestfriend is Katia Morales @fvckkat. If you're still reading this far, I love you! Continue my life journey as Roman Annette Tapia...

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