Anne Westenbrink

Schagen , the Netherlands

I Am an Aquarian Wayshower, Ascension Pioneer & Pleiadian , working to Assist the New Earth Consciousness into the Aquarian Age & Golden Age Come into Existence.

I Am Who I Am. I have led my Life on this Beloved Planet Earth from Inner Truth & made my choices from Inner Knowing, that I Am Here in these Times of the Great Shift to help make a Conscious Revolution Possible. To Cocreate a New Earth from Divine Love & Light in the Truth of the Oneness of All That Is. As Above, So Below. As Without, So Within. All Is ONE Living Organism, called The Universe.

My Favorite Books :

  1. Karel & Caroline van Huffelen, The InnerCross : 1e. "Op weg naar Meesterschap met de Meesters van het Titicacameer" (On the Road to Mastery with the Masters of the Titicacalake ), 2e. "The Sacred Marriage" or "Maria Magdalena en de Schijnheiligen, (New Revelations of The TwinSouls Mary Magdalene & Jezus) & 3e. "Onzichtbare Risico`s in het Draadloze Tijdperk", (The Unseen Risks in the Wireless Era )

2. Jude Currivan, "The 13th Step, a Global Journey in Search of our Cosmic Destiny " & " The 8th Chakra "; " Hope , Healing Our People & Earth ".

3. Kiara Windrider "Doorway to Eternity, a Guide to Planetary Ascension",June Singer ," Androgyny, Toward a new theory of sexuality ". All Books of Carlos Castaneda , Yasmin Verschure, Ton van der Kroon, Gabriela en Reint Gaastra -Levin, Drunval Melchizedek, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak & Eckhart Tolle.Sri Aurobindo, Osho, Sonia Bos, Kader Abdollah & so many others !

4. I fell in Love the 1st time in a cafe in Bruxelles in 1969 on St. Exupery`s " Le Petite Prince", being read & brought to theatre by a frenchman, called Jean Paul Debiez. Now I don`t have much time for reading anymore, as life is so very exciting these days of the Great Shift in 2012 & 2013 & beyond. I am constantly growing in Universal Love & Light & Understanding the Cosmic Laws that are revealed to me by the Great Science of Astrology. Expanding my Consciousness through Communicating & Relating to my friends in real life & on Social Networks like YouTube, Facebook, Googe+, Twitter & Tagged. I Love communicating with my online Friends Communities as We Gather around to Share & Care & Cocreate the Highest Good of All. WE ARE ONE & All Life Is Interconnected . Nothing but LOVE Here. Aloha . In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn. Aum Namah Sivaya

  • Work
    • Astrologer
    • Psychologist
    • Social Activist
    • Autobiographic Writer
  • Education
    • Prime Creator , Universal Love & Light
    • Drs, Clinical Psychology, Free University Amsterdam
    • Astrology in Esoteric School Achernar in Amstelveen
    • BioDynamic Therapy , Cora Slieker, Amsterdam
    • Psychosynthesis R. Assagioli