Anne Westenbrink

Life Coach, Therapist, and Psychologist in Amsterdam, Nederland

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I Am an Aquarian Wayshower, Ascension Pioneer & Pleiadian , working to Assist the New Earth Consciousness into the Aquarian Age & Golden Age Come into Existence.

I Am Who I Am. I have led my Life on this Beloved Planet Earth from Inner Truth & made my choices from Inner Knowing, that I Am Here in these Times of the Great Shift to help make a Conscious Revolution Possible. To Cocreate a New Earth from Divine Love & Light in the Truth of the Oneness of All That Is. As Above, So Below. As Without, So Within. All Is ONE Living Organism, called The Universe.

My Favorite Books :

1. Ton van der Kroons 10e boek, "Het 5e Element " & Tons vorige boeiende boeken met waardevolle spirituele inzichten en channelings.

2. Jude Currivan, "The 13th Step, a Global Journey in Search of our Cosmic Destiny " & " The 8th Chakra "; " Hope , Healing Our People & Earth ".

3. Kiara Windrider "Doorway to Eternity, a Guide to Planetary Ascension",June Singer ," Androgyny, Toward a new theory of sexuality ". All Books of Carlos Castaneda , Yasmin Verschure, Ton van der Kroon, Gabriela en Reint Gaastra -Levin, Drunval Melchizedek, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak & Eckhart Tolle.Sri Aurobindo, Osho, Sonia Bos, Kader Abdollah & so many others !

4. I fell in Love the 1st time in a cafe in Bruxelles in 1969 on St. Exupery`s " Le Petite Prince", being read & brought to theatre by a frenchman, called Jean Paul Debiez. Now I don`t have much time for reading anymore, as life is so very exciting these days of the Great Shift in 2012 & 2013 & beyond. I am constantly growing in Universal Love & Light & Understanding the Cosmic Laws that are revealed to me by the Great Science of Astrology. Expanding my Consciousness through Communicating & Relating to my friends in real life & on Social Networks like YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter. I Love communicating with my online Friends Communities as We Gather around to Share & Care & Cocreate the Highest Good of All. WE ARE ONE & All Life Is Interconnected. Nothing but LOVE Here. Aloha. In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn. Aum Namah Sivaya

  • Work
    • Astrologer
  • Education
    • Prime Creator , Universal Love & Light
    • Drs, Clinical Psychology, Free University Amsterdam
    • Astrology in Esoteric School Achernar in Amstelveen
    • BioDynamic Therapy , Cora Slieker, Amsterdam
    • Psychosynthesis R. Assagioli