Angelita Pruneda

Student and Photographer in Texas

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My name is Angelita but I go by Angie. I start my days off by waking up and wanting to go back to sleep. Eventually I make myself get up and go on with my day. I am a student Monday through Friday and I work at a bowling alley on the weekends.

I would say I spend most of my free time going out to eat and exploring new places with my friends and family. Although I don't have a camera like a Canon, I use my IPhone to capture moments I want to remember. My dog Lola might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. She has the sweetest face. I like to drive at night when it's more peaceful and cooler since living here in Texas can be very hot.

I am a quick learner but I also make simple mistakes just like all of us. I am understanding and careful with my surroundings. As a senior in high school, I can say that adulthood came fast. I still remember my first Barbie doll and waking up at three A.M. on Christmas Day.

I am very social and would love to get the opportunity to attend a great college to strengthen my knowladge and pursue a life long journey with a career that best fits me as a person and eventually a mother.