Annie Kuo

Integrated Marketing Communications in Seattle, Washington

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When Malcolm Gladwell published "The Tipping Point," my phone and inbox blew up. Many people told me that he'd written about my type: a Connector. After reading the chapter, I was both floored and flattered. A Connector has a knack for making friends and acquaintances and a habit of making introductions. According to Gladwell, our social network is 4-5 times the size of other people's. We span many different worlds due to our instrinsic personality-- "some combination of curiosity, self-confidence, sociability, and energy." So I am a Connector. That's a good start to knowing about me.

With roots in Texas, the Friendly State, and Thailand, the Land of Smiles, I think people are adorable and am curious about them-- so naturally, marketing research and consumer insight are my specialties.

I've lived all over the map and frequently travel. Whether about town or out of town, I'm in constant motion, which is why colleagues once gave me the superlative "Most likely to give birth on a plane!" Apparently I inherited the wanderlust from my mother, who was a Pan Am flight attendant.

I'm a product of public schools, an international school, and women's colleges. My first career involved working with performing artists (jazz players and professional taiko drummers). One of my biggest accomplishments was booking a regional taiko company's first national tour. 16Personalities says my core strategy as a Campaigner is social engagement. In the first year, I booked the ensemble at 14 venues in 5 new regions through mastering the art of trade shows and cocktail parties.

Developing audiences was my favorite part of the job, so I got a PR certificate and worked in media relations to raise public awareness about compelling issues and products.

I cut my teeth at two pioneering agencies, Edelman and Ogilvy, on public affairs and consumer brands. In 2008, I earned a master's degree from Northwestern University in integrated marketing communications. I've worked on brands in various industries like higher education, health care, professional services, and consumer products.

According to the zodiacs, I'm Fire all the way: a double Sagittarius (aka Professor of High Adventure) and Fire Dragon. My Myers-Briggs type is ENFP. Clifton StrengthsFinder says my top 5 strengths are Woo, Input, Ideation, Strategic, and Futuristic.

I juggle marketing projects with infertility advocacy and peer counseling for RESOLVE ( Please check out my portfolio. Let's connect!

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