Annie Lee

Brisabne, Australia

29 year old, Chinese

Lived in Xi'an, Chengdu, Shanghai, Saint. Petersburg. Currently living in Brisbane Australia, and studying at Queensland University of Technology, Master of Creavtive Advertising.

Always been a little different from the other kids at school: asking too many questions, didn't like to follow the rules, always have a new idea, the teacher described me to my mom as "Smart but very annoying". (cough* China cough*)

Lived in St. Petersburg, Russian for a year as exchange student, had a life-time experience there which I never had and will never have it again anywhere else.

Worked in Shanghai for 6 years, as Account/Project Manager in BTL & ATL advertising, event, Interactive Multimedia, music/festival, video/photo production companies. Working with both eastern and western people helped me gained a lot of working knowleage and experiences.

Work well individually or in a team. Performe better under pressure.

  • Education
    • Master Degree of Creative Advertising