Annie Liang

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As a Master of Public Health student with a specialization in Epidemiology (Global Health emphasis), my passion and interests lie in combining research with public policy, and how science can aid in alleviating the viscous cycle of poverty and disease within developing countries. My specific area of research are neglected tropical diseases - many which adversely affect developing countries yet do not receive sufficient attention from the international community.

I am actively involved in various global health initiatives on campus - from raising awareness on issues like access to essential medicines, to helping to organize the Montreal World Health Organization Simulation, to radio pod-casts to representing the welfare of the student body. I support open media, and strongly believe that the desire for personal profit should never override the significance of public health.

My mantra on life was once said to me years ago - that "you can't save the world. But you can do small things with great care." And that's what I still tell myself everyday.

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