Annie Turner

For as long as I can remember, I have loved pouring through cookbooks--the older they are, the better. Bring on the Oleo, gelatin, and frankfurter surprise! Church and community cookbooks have a special place in my heart, however. Here in unassuming, plastic-spiral-bound pages, prized and time-honored dishes are shared by women who made them with pride. Many of these little books were published in an age when women were still campaigning for equal rights and a voice outside of the kitchen, and yet it is often through their cooking that we can hear them speak again. Who are these women? My goal is to answer that question as best I can. Through this, I hope to honor these ladies, their cooking, and their voices as I work my way through my collection of church cookbooks. And hey, if that means I get to make spoon bread, apple pie, and your mama's macaroni casserole while I'm at it, then bring it on!