Annie Hunter

Teacher in Washington, Pennsylvania

Excitedly, I accepted a teaching position in Norfolk, VA after finishing my bachelor's degree. There, I had an amazing opportunity to teach under-privileged children. The children in my classroom faced struggles I couldn't imagine facing even as an adult. As difficult as some days were, I am very grateful for that experience and feel I was able to make a positive impact in the lives of those children. That experience taught me a lot!

After that experience, I relocated to Eastern PA where my husband and I started our family. During that time I stayed home to raise my daughter. We stayed there for about a year and a half, but something was calling me home. Thankfully, my husband was willing to move back to the western part of the state! We've been back in Western Pennsylvania for several years and have blessedly expanded our family. We now have three children: Cora, Brandon, & Cameron.

I've been working at Westminster Child Development Center (WCDC) for many years. Here, I've held several roles. I began as a group supervisor (teacher) and had been placed in several different rooms at the request of the director. After a couple of years, I felt I could be doing more to make a difference at work so I reached out to the director and asked him how I could make more of an impact - or if there was anything else I could take responsibility for. Thankfully, he responded and gave me a great opportunity to assist with different accreditation tasks. My roles in the center were continually evolving from teacher to Curriculum & Accreditation Specialist to Assistant Director and currently, I am the Pre-K and Mentor teacher.These roles have taught me a lot about the field of Early Childhood Education- in addition to other things! Everyday brings new excitement, successes, and opportunities.

Going back to school was always a plan of mine. Thankfully, I found a great opportunity to complete my Master's degree completely online through California University of Pennsylvania. I graduated with honors in August of 2014 and now am awaiting my certification from the state - hopefully it doesn't take very long!

As appreciative as I am for my job, I've really been feeling the tug at my heart to return to the elementary classroom. Hopefully, my experiences and education has prepared me to return to teaching and I'm granted the opportunity to teach again.

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    • Westminster Child Development Center
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    • California University of Pennsylvania
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