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annie massey

Hey there everyone! Thanks a bunch for stopping by my bio! I am with out a doubt a complete and utter travel addict! I have seen almost all of the united states and been all over mexico! Out of all of the areas I have had the pleasure of travelling to, I must say that Charlotte is one that really sticks out in my mind. And I am going to talk about some of the amazing places to go to experience all that the Charlotte NightLife has to offer. Let me get started with my favorite place in Charlotte , Butter NC! Now I can't do as good of a review as the pople over at JustLuxe, so I will share one with you! "aking a page straight from the nightlife mecca of New York City is Butter NC. This club is a mix of high energy and haute elegance, with beautifully-patterned wallpapers and gilded-frame mirrors throughout.

Two levels of acoustically-engineered space provide an excellent crowd for their great DJs to impress, while the bartenders serve up savory cocktails and superior liquors."

The next place that I will take the time to tell you guys about is the Dharma Lounge! Here is another awesome review from JustLuxe! " The owner's original desire was for Dharma to be a lounge, but the popularity of this venue packs it every weekend and robs it of any kind of mellow vibes. The outdoor patio is a favorite among Charlotteans, and the club often brings in DJ talent from bigger cities.

Where Dharma does achieve lounge status however, is in the afternoons. Free yoga classes are offered here, practicing the club's dedication to good karma, and adding on their policy of donating a portion of proceeds from the door to charity." So, if you are set on going to charlotte, give this a read, it has some awesome dining information from an aweosm writer! thnaks for checking this out you guys and have a great day!