Annie Kabourek

Orlando, FL

Annie is currently the Manager of Account Management at IZEA. When she's not managing the team and helping educate them with her wealth of knowledge, she is a fully functioning Senior Account Manager, overseeing the execution of [successful] Native Advertising campaigns. She is also a true believer and evangelist for the best work place philosophy of all time - "I'm right on top of that Rose!"

When she's not at work, Annie keeps busy with all things nostalgic. Seriously, this chick could overdose on nostalgia. "Well, honestly, all my really important, character building life lessons came from 80's movies, after school specials, horribly awkward adolescent years AND of course Beverly Hills, 90210!"

And finally, please don't get her started on all the recent remakes of her favorite childhood films (because obvioulsy they are all a huge travesty and clearly signs of the upcoming apocalypse).

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