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Annie Rice


Some points of note:

I'm thinking about my next three meals in some way or another at all times.

Running is my favourite thing.

I don’t need any utensils to eat a whole mango.

Vegetables and wholegrains rock my little world.

I don't like following recipes, it takes to long so I just do it.

I can’t prepare a meal without eating 30-70% of the ingredients along the way.

My favourite office chat is asking people what they had/are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner (not everyone is into this apparently).

I got myself a pesky stress fracture to my femur at mile 24.6 of my marathon and have decided to learn how to fuel a warrior, so I can do all my favourite things.

I’m all over healthy food but I think you should be able to buy all your everyday ingredients in Tesco, sure the odd chia seed is fun but let’s be reasonable.

I eat all of the food groups and no one ain’t gonna change that about me. I also have no intolerances (I once did a swab test you send in the post) so this is an all inclusive place – wheat and dairy so welcome! But there will always be substitute options, and I also think almond milk can be fun.