Annie Koehlinger

Chicago, IL

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Annie Koehlinger has a number of hobbies, and all of them reflect her desire to one day own and operate an upscale restaurant. She enjoys photography and continues to study this new art form. While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies, Annie Koehlinger plans to continue to develop her photography skills so that they can be used to market her future business. She recognizes that these skills can be used for everything from promotional flyers to images for the menu.

Annie Koehlinger also love traveling with her family. The Koehlingers recently took a trip to Paris, where Annie Koehlinger was able to gain a greater appreciation for culinary studies. She noticed that food was such a big part of the city’s culture and this made her even more passionate about one day using her restaurant to grow her community’s appreciation for gastronomy. Annie Koehlinger also learned a lot on this trip, as she was able to meet chefs of the world famous Capella Padregal while sampling food at Café Med and St. Catherine’s Bistro. She uses her culinary skills in her free time to take part in community service projects through her church.

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    • Illinois Virtual School, College Prep.