Tereza Jiráková

Hello. ^^ My name is Teresa, but everyone calls me Annie. I was emotionally unstable person, but I do not mind, because people around me to accept. ^^ I have some disorder, but it would be for long. xD but I usually optimistic and socially. And yes I am a little egotistical, loves myself. I was born on June 2, 1989 in Prague (Czech Republic), but three years living in the country back from Prague. I live with my parents and younger brother. We have a house dog, cat and fish. Before we had even a hamster, guinea pig and budgie. XD I go to high school social-pedagogical and I would like to work with children. Have their own nursery or pedagogical and psychological counseling. I have a wonderful best friend, whom I would not change it for the world, because through him I was even born. I like him very much. ^^ In my life now, not many friends, but those who have are amazing. If you are interested in something and you would like me to know, write. *.*