Annie Woods

Untamed Coach for Women in Des Moines, Estados Unidos

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Do you remember when you were confused? Hurt? Lost? Settling for mediocre relationships or jobs that wouldn’t get you closer to your dreams? I remember because I was there many more times than I can count, changed majors 3 times, was in more than one codependent relationship, dealt with anxiety and doubted myself every step of the way. But by risk taking I didn’t realize the many women I was inspiring along with my mistakes and lessons, I was committed to not letting my friends make my same mistakes, I still am, committed to my old and new friends.

Untamed living is born from that commitment and the moment when I decided doubt had not more room in my life, I moved to a different country with only one person as a support system. Untamed is a lifestyle, and safe space that embraces vulnerability, self-love, emotional intelligence, big dreams and goals, assertiveness and kick-ass strategies for you to become whatever you want to become.

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