It's Annie something

Name: Thuy-An Do

Birthdate: 1988-04-25

Constantly questioning life and everything in it

When I'm not working I love spending time with my jagiya + friends. I have a love for music, modern design, traveling, photography, blogging + simply discovering new things.

My favourite colour is dark-blue. I like having conversations that aren’t about inane things. I’m currently learning English and Korean. I listen to a lot of different music. I love discovering new songs and artists.

Another thing about me is my love for books. This was something that my parents instilled in me from a very young age. I grew up around books and learned to respect them. They are my dear friends. You can always find a book that I am in the middle of in my purse since I never go anywhere without a book

I’m a big fan of 카라 (for no reason lol)

I'm an High Skool, also. Just because of Tablo, he is so inspirational and in so many different ways, he is an artist in spoken words and in music, and I think in life itself. Epik High's music I could never imagine, some pieces are hip hop, some are classical some are purely just music on it's own but every single piece is gold to me, everything they produce I can draw inspiration from, that I love, the energy is felt in their painstaking work to express themselves and make a mark on this inconsistent world. That itself is admirable enough for me. It's an unattainable art, mastered by Tablo.

Besides, 넬 (Nell) is one of the few groups who can actually depress me in the most elegant way possible, but also have the ability to take me out of the chaos of my emotions. All their songs have subtly changed the way I see everything around, a deeper way of seeing life~

…I hope you enjoy viewing the page and learn a little more about me in the process.~