Annika Lindblom

Västernorrland Sweden

I am passionate about learning and education issues and worked for several years with development and improvement at all levels in the education sector, both more overall at the municipal level and with operations near the organization out of school activities. Since 2013 I´m working as a HR-strategist in the field of Working environment for Västernorrlands county health care department.

One aspect that I find important in my daily work, meeting with other people. The meeting change what I know and take for granted, it is learning, a way to link contacts, build relationships and the formal knowledge will come informal and vice versa. Networking skills are key skills that are essential for quality development, to share best practices and create an understanding of factors that affect the basis of society's complexity and provide the conditions for joint innovation. Today, meetings take place in many ways, both by geographically located in the same place, but also through social media.

  • Work
    • Organizationel developer and teacher
  • Education
    • Pedagogy
    • Behavioural science
    • Teacher education