Annika Stout

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Annika's Bucket List
Hug a koala in Australia
Go to 6 continents
Go to all 50 states
Ride a train through Europe
Run a half marathon
Ride an elephant
Go to a non-US Disney world
Watch titanic with a significant other
Go skinny dipping
Kiss at midnight at a New Years party
Learn how to surf
Go to an amazing concert
Be a vegetarian for 6 months
Take a cool type of dance class
Speed date
Cliff jump (into water)
Get a dog for my mom (later in life)
Leave a gift for a stranger in need anonymously
Take my parents on a surprise trip
Have children
Go on a camping trip with friends
Let go of a floating lantern
Go to bora bora
✔️Donate my hair
Buy a house
Buy a car with a cool color
Go to Rome
Make a blog
Make a sad stranger happy
Kiss on top of the Ferris wheel at navy pier
Climb the steps of Mayan ruins
✔️Ride a gondola in venice
Ride the eye in London
✔️Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Stay in a hotel room with multiple levels
Ride in a hot air balloon
Ride in a helicopter
Hold a tiny pig
Stay in a penthouse
Help my dad with his bucket list
✔️Learn Spanish
✔️Be a bridesmaid
Go to Austria and sing songs from the sound of music
Go to Sweden
Go to Norway
Eat waffles in Belgium
Throw a surprise party
Own a nice camera
Kiss a dolphin
Swim under a waterfall
Watch the ball drop in Times Square
Get a piercing
Buy flowers for a boy
Get a henna tattoo
Visit dad's kindergarten in Africa
Get a motorcycle license
See the seven natural wonders of the world
✔️Go to the beach in rio
Attend a gay pride parade
Visit Amsterdam
Go paddle boarding
Walk on the Great Wall of china
Go to machu picchu
✔️Go to Hawaii
Be an extra in a movie or tv show
Climb a mountain
Eat a grapple
Keep a journal for at least a solid year
✔️Snorkel in the Caribbean
Visit Auschwitz
Go to a ted conference