Annika Braband

Student in Heidelberg, Deutschland

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Hi there! I’m Annika, 23 years old, and I live in Heidelberg.

I was born in a small town called Cuxhaven, which is in the north of Germany. Actually it’s located directly at the North Sea and right behind the dikes. After I did my A levels, I decided to leave my hometown and to go out into the world. I lived in London for 12 months and worked as an Aupair girl in a British host family. In this year I met lots of cool people, saw beautiful places, fell in love with the British accent, but (no offense!) I also realized how much I missed to eat a slice of good old German bread instead of white toast.

After my year abroad I never wanted to miss the ‘big city life’ again. That’s why I decided to apply at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and soon I started studying Education there. It turned out that this wasn’t exactly the right thing for me though and living in Frankfurt wasn’t as cool as I expected either. That is why in the end I moved to Heidelberg and started studying at the PH to become a primary school teacher. I'm in my seventh semester now and I'm really happy about my decision to come to Heidelberg.

To be a student at the PH is definitely different from being a student at a University. We only have a few lectures and most of the time we attend seminars which are very student-oriented and where we ourselves become productive. In comparison to Frankfurt we are getting much more involved in the courses. Hence, we gain a lot of practical experiences besides the theoretical input, which I think is a very good thing.

During my internships I realized how much I love working with younger children and that it’s such a great experience to teach them in English. They are absolutely grateful and motivated to learn any new vocabulary you tell them – that’s super cool! This is exactly the point that needs to be taken up by teachers: Create enriching learning environments and enjoyable ways of approaching your students and enable them to become active participants in your lessons.

Except English I’m studying German as a foreign language. I would love to connect teaching and traveling one day. Hopefully, I will get the chance to visit new places and teach in other countries as well. Unfortunately, I have never travelled outside Europe yet. That is why places in America, Canada, and also in Eastern countries are definitely still on my bucket list.

I'm really looking forward to getting in touch with you!