Annilexia Anaerectic

Name's Annilexia.

I am 24 years young,
Though my soul is ages ahead of your time.

In a nutshell, I'm a very eclectic person.
My mannerisms will either annoy you, offend you,
Or make you want me to be your best friend.
Around me, there is no such thing as politically correct.
I break your taboos by simply walking past.
Nothing stifles me, nothing makes me lose poise.
Abroad, people find it intimidating to talk to me-
But ask anyone around my hometown, I'm the easiest friend you'll ever make.
Be warned- I'm a nice, warmhearted individual.
But beneath my etiquette, I've already judged you.
I respect people for who they are, not that they listen to...
Well, maybe what they listen to a little.
I may giggle if you tell me you like country.
But for the most part, first impressions are EVERYTHING.
You won't impress me by relaying your drunken sexual adventures,
Or by pretending you like some bands I look like I listen to.
Want to really impress me?
Ask me how my day's been. :]