Annim Banerjee

Embedded Developer,PCB Designer,VC++ Dev in Bengaluru, India

He Strives for new technologies in embedded world. It Excites him, to explore new technologies or the technologies which can be employed to solve problem statements. Bringup of schematic and PCB designing 2Layers, 4 Layers, on Cadsoft Eagle, Altium Designer software. Writing firmware on the top of it. Worked with very sleek and low energy Wifi chip and micro controllers. Worked with cutting edge hot Smart Bluetooth Technology from Nordic chipset, nrf51822 SoC chip, atmel MCU families, stm8 mcu.

He also do know how to integrate his Embedded world to web, Web Stack/Technologies for embedded based project, using HMVC around Codeigniter, MongoDB, Python, Bottle, and Django. IoT protocols like MQTT, Embedded Linux like OpenWRT and many, he know how to put those things together to make all new system.