Annisa Nur

Thanks for people who thinks I'm a girl. My name is Annisa Nur H., a thirteen years old student. I live and breathe in Bumiputera. Instead of Nisa, Nur or even my surname, I prefer to be called Annisa.

Annisa means 'woman'. Yes, I act rude sometimes, but girls will be girls. People thinks I'm antisocial. I think they're judgemental.

I love writing. I love to write everything that happen around me. I prefer writing about fantasy instead of reality. Yes, I live in my own tale sometimes, but human will be human. I also love drawing, but I don't really care about what I draw.

The one that you will never understand about me is; my own tale is not a prince-and-princess fairytale.

I write dark fantasy (umm, vampire?), because I had a bad love story in real life. I write about werewolves. I write about ninjas. I write about... nevermind, I haven't publish it online yet.

What a great loser.


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