Annisa M. P. Rochadiat

Graduate Research Assistant in Detroit, Michigan

Annisa is a doctoral candidate in Communication Studies and Graduate Research Assistant for SMARTLabs at Wayne State University. Her areas of interest lie at the intersection of communication technologies, identity (with an emphasis on personality theory perspective), and culture. Additionally, she is trained in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and is comfortable working in interdisciplinary settings.

Annisa is currently intrigued by the role of new media technologies in shaping the formation and perpetuation of contemporary expressions of religiosity among individuals who identify as Muslim and reside in predominantly non-Muslim societies. Her research includes the Muslim online matchmaking phenomenon, where she examined the lived experience of a group of Muslim American women in utilizing websites and mobile apps for mate selection and courtship, and a survey on implicit bias, media use, and the political attitudes of Muslim Americans.

Prior to enrolling in the PhD program in Fall 2015, Annisa had worked as a reporter for The Jakarta Post. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Southeast Asian Studies (2002) from the National University of Singapore (Singapore), a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy (2006) from Leiden University (The Netherlands), as well as a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies (2015) from Wayne State University (USA).

A Jakarta-native transplant in Detroit since 2013, Annisa considers herself an avid globetrotter, gourmand, and polyglot.

  • Work
    • Wayne State University
  • Education
    • MA in Communication Studies (Wayne State University)
    • BA in Political Science & Southeast Asian Studies (Nat'l Univ. of S'pore)
    • Leiden University