Anni Ylagan

Washington, DC

Anni is a natural born strategist with a passion for bringing innovative ideas to every team she leads and client she serves. Anni is a great communicator and facilitator who possess strong analytical skills, a creative mind, and a love of problem solving. Anni has an innate ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships with her colleagues and clients. Above all, Anni’s enthusiasm and energy allow her to build collaborative teams and positively influence those around her.

Anni has 5 years of managing and mentoring cross-functional, global teams in fast-paced environments to plan and launch projects that focus on:

• Analytics-Driven Change Management
• Training Development and Delivery
• Strategic Planning
• Technology Adoption
• Communications
• Survey Design and Analysis
• Recruiting

Anni has experience in developing and implementing growth opportunities for her employer through her work in:

• Methodology Development
• Tech Trend Identification

Anni has been recognized as a thought leader. A few of her publications can be found below:

  • Work
    • Deloitte Consulting
  • Education
    • The George Washington University
    • City University of Hong Kong
    • Universidad De San Andres Buenos Aires