Dr. Annmarie Waite

Creating authentic power is a process, not an event - it is done with decision by decision, choice by choice, step by step. I want to become aware of every part of my personality and not act on the ones that control me compulsively and unconsciously. I want to act on those that I know are aligned with my soul.

I realize that I have lived many lives, and each one has left an indelible mark on my soul. I’m not referring to reincarnation. I’m referring to the episodic way in which my life have evolved: childhood, adolescence, early marriage, motherhood, college, unfinished professional career, and so on. At each stage in my life, I have had both laughter and tears. But more important for my interest, I developed personal preferences. Each life experience leaves a layer of memory like a deposit of sediment: things I've loved and moments of contentment I've cherished that when recalled, reveal glimmers of my true self.

I welcome this creative second chance that I have been given and I will use it to come into my own to finally claim my own live and wrestle my future from fate. This is a time when we learn how to spin straw into gold. When we realize gratefully that we can live by our own lights if we access the Power.