Annora Brennan

Chicago IL

I graduated from Union College in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree studying Theatre and Math. My inital plan was to try a career in theatre and if that was not happening go back to school to be a high school math teacher. I thought I would be happy doing either. I had a good mind set in going into the "REAL WORLD" I knew I would not have the dream job right away and was prepared to work the jobs necessary to live on my own and work towards a career. I was lucky to have the opportunity right out of school to start an internship with a Broadway general management company. A perfect first step into the industry even if it was on the business end of things and not performing. I loved being involved with the shows, rehearsals, making up title pages, but I was not going out for auditions. I could say it was because I was too busy, since I was working two jobs to pay for rent in the Big Apple or that I just was not ready and needed time to prepare, but I know now neither was the case. I did not have the passion for theatre that I thought I did.

I have always been the person who over achieves in everything! I push myself to the limit and try to put my all in everything I do. I was not doing that for my theatre career. So my next thought was to start applying for Grad School to become a teacher. I never applied. Instead I clicked on a add that popped up Women's Health to become a personal trainer.

I was a swimmer in college and I myself had goals to stay fit for the rest of my life. I struggled with weight when I was little and was never the most fit person on my swim teams. I was talented in the pool, I just never had that tone I admired on other girls I saw in the gym or on the pool deck. Whille living in New York I joined a gym and worked out every morning before work. I became addicted to Women's Health Magazine online, taking workout from the site, buying nutrition books, I was putting a lot of time into my fitness and I could not stop talking about health. I changed my diet and started workout videos like INSANITY that I followed to a T.

I had a realization, fitness was my passion! I loved working out, why not make it my job. I now have the body that I envied on others and I am helping my clients achieve a healthy life style. I still use my theatre skills in my training appointments with entertaining my clients to keep them coming to me, but I get to actually help others which was something missing in my attempts in

  • Work
    • Personal Trainer
  • Education
    • Union College (BA of ARTS); ISSA CFT; Certified INSANITY instructor