Ann Psyche

Ann Psyche

I am Ann Psyche. I am 16 years old. A high school graduating student at Pasig Catholic College and soon, I will take up Accountancy or Journalism. My birthday is on June 19, 1996. I'm a Gemini ~

My favorite colors are black, white, & pink. I like pocky, skittles, choco baby, Tortillos, marshmallows & cupcakes. I like cosplaying, playing online games/arcade games/console games <3 , watching anime (when there's time), & reading :3 I like Step Up 3& 4! <3 My fave books are Starters, Hunger Games and Divergent. :D

Since I said that I like playing games, here's what I like to play~

- Inotia 3 (iphone)

- Babyran (mmorpg)

- Ragnarok:Valhalla (mmorpg)

- Persona 3 Portable (psp)

- iDate (not really dating. XD online game)

- s4 -Pentavision \m/ (online game)

- Tekken 6:BR (arcade & psp)

- Technika 3 (arcade)

- The Impossible game (psp)

- Fate/Extra (psp)