Ann Rennie

I am a coach who works using classic coaching methods combined with other proven tools and techniques to trigger sustainable change. I get a kick from seeing the transformations those I work with create for themselves as we work together. In my previous life I had a career in business which ranged from managing major projects (I am a trained project manager) to setting up and developing sales and service teams from scratch (I have apostgraduate diploma in sales and retail management), All great experiences and have given me a unique set of skills which I can use both in coaching and mentoring to keep the focus on change and action. As someone who remains curious about how we grow and create our lives I moved into the field of personal growth and studied NLP, hypnosis and timeline therapy. I am a Master PRactitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline therapy. I have a certificate in coaching which involved both classroom sessions (135 hours) and observed sessions. I am an Advanced Practitioner of EFT and a licensed Heartmath 1:1 provider. My latest study has been in hypnotherapy and I am completing a diploma in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy which has broadened my existing study.

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