About ANN S.

I am a single and a proud Parent.
I am stubborn. I demand unconditional love and total freedom.
I love to sleep.
I cannot swim.
I like humorous people but I hate loud ones.
I am NOT obsessed with jewellery, bags and scent.
I like to wear shorts, shirts and sneakers.
I hate make up.
I am a cat lover. I am afraid of snake.
I don’t have favourite food.
I get irritated without coffee for a day.
I am fan of Korean drama series.
I like to stay in suburb.
I am not constantly reading but I do love books.
I don’t have a favourite colour.
I am passionate with dolls.
I curse and I bite my nails.
I like handsome boys.
I care to save. I hate when I don’t have a penny in my pocket.

I am not creative but I am organized.

I like to have my own beach house.

I am jolly, a little funny and fickle minded at times.